George Heidweiller

George Heidweiller was educated at the Royal Academy The Hague where he studied 'paintings and graphic design'. His juvenile years were spent on the wild side in the studio of "Rock n Roll" junkie and painter Herman Brood. After many adventurous and inspiring travels (Asia, Mexico, USA) he settled down in New Mexico. Now he can pick from a countless amount of images, memories and snapshots. A useful source in his work where north meets south and east meets west. Chaotic but definite. Heidweiller has been compared to Warhol, Rauschenberg and Max Ernst.  George Heidweiller work is commentary, contemplation, but gives no opinion, no judgment. It points out and gives us -literally and metaphorically - something to think about. And there is more: his worldviews, his urban landscapes dare us to daydream, to romanticize, to fantasize, to philosophize.