Alain Godon

Alain Godon was born 1 November 1964 in Bourges, France and learned to draw at the age of 11 in Achicourt, France at the side of his artist uncle. In 1985 he moved to Paris and then to Brighton (England)earning his living as a pavement graffiti artist. In 1988 in the French ski resort of Courchevel, he began the first period of what he refers to as "Infantine Art". By 1989 he had moved to Saint Tropez and started to paint his first oils on canvas. Alain currently lives in London.

The Bildo Reliefo  technique is the creation of Alain Godon introduced to the public in 2008. These pictures are digital ultra high-definition single print editions. The artist transforms his original oil painting into a unique digital work of art.

In 2009, Alain Godon founded the "Rendez-vous Annuel des Artistes de Demain" (an annual festival for artists of tomorrow).

Drasner Gallery Announces Architectural Landmarks and Landscapes of Aspen by acclaimed French Artist Alain Godon.

Far Blue
Alain Godon in Aspen Dec 2012