Lora Drasner

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Self-taught photographer and gallery owner Lora Drasner is interested in the notions of geographical limits and the means of finding them. 

During an around-the-world trip, she captured images of sunsets -- from Tonga to Tahiti, Alaska to Australia -- and published them in a coffee-table book. "Sunsets." After “Sunsets” was released, Drasner started receiving requests for prints.

Her images of remote geographical locations appear bathed in an unexpectedly rich light, leaving the viewer intrigued about their settings. The particularly luminous Buddha series is made up of sunset images of the bronze Tian Tan Buddha sculpture located in Hong Kong's Ngong Ping on Lantau Island. The World’s largest Buddha at 112 feet high, on a clear day it can be seen from MaCau. The Tian Tan Buddha appears serene and dignified. His right hand is raised, representing the removal of affliction. The Buddha's left hand rests on his lap in a gesture of giving dhana.

The color-saturated Buddha series is printed with a giclee process that creates a true museum-quality work of art. The images of the Buddha remind us to take a breath, to look around, to feel calm and compassionate.

Drasner's work is on permanent display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, FL. And can be found in her coffee table book entitled SUNSETS

Heart Reef
Gun with Diamond Dust
Aspen Trees
Buddha Blue
Buddha Purple
Buddha Grey
Buddha Pink